About Me

Hi, my name is Anna. I make and eat waffles, then capture them for this little blog.

I am based out of beautiful Vancouver, Canada and when not at yoga, spin, boxing, or running outside you can find me at home cooking, planning what to cook, or looking up new things to cook. Being in the kitchen helps me feel creative and productive. It satisfies my curiosity as well as my hunger. If I've cooked for you, insisted that I cook for you, or wanted to share a meal together, it's because I show my love and appreciate through food. This little blog is a way to document my love for cooking and to help me expand my understanding of food science, styling, and photography. There will be mistakes and mishaps along the way, which I'll capture and share those unsexy moments too.

Some other fun facts about me is that I am a sucker for a good food pun and dad joke (I occasionally bake my own sourdough bread and have named my starter Clint Yeastwood). As mentioned above, I'm physically active but I also enjoy typography (recently purchasing my first limited edition print for my new apartment), reading (my personal goal for 2018 is to read 36 books!), snowboarding, true crime podcasts, and some good, spicy ginger ale/ginger beer.

If you knew me you'd know that I a) have this weird affinity to remember small details about people, and b) ask a lot of questions to people I want to know better (...although it's sometimes a way to cope with my social anxiety when the introverted part of me needs to recharge and I can't hide in the corner with the h'orderves).

So, in true Anna fashion, here are a few food related get-to-know-someone questions I would likely be asking you if we met.

1. Favourite foods?
I can't pick just one. I love dishes that are citrus forward, the combination of dark chocolate and sea salt, and have a weakness for tacos, fried chicken, and soupy, noodly goodness. I would say bolognese is my favourite comfort food, I can eat it with or without pasta anytime of the day. The only food I actively avoid is oatmeal (I'm totally okay with it in cookie form, though). I will try any food once.

2. Favourite ingredients to cook with?
Garlic (it makes any dish you’re cooking smell like it’s going to be the best thing ever), butter, herbs (likely thyme) and salt.

3. What is your go-to dish to cook for brunch? Dinner?
Waffles seems obvious for brunch, but my favourite side to make is rosemary parmesan smashed potatoes with garlic and lemon. It is super easy and I freehand all the ingredients so it’s no fuss.

For dinner, I love making hoisin glazed baby back ribs with a bok choy salad for friends. This combination is always a crowd pleaser.

4. Favourite place in Vancouver for brunch? And for waffles?
Brunch: For sentimental reasons, Wildebeest has always been a great go-to. It’s where the name Waffles on Waffles became a thing. I also love New Town Bakery, Fable Diner, and Dixie’s BBQ has incredible chicken and waffles for brunch (bring your meat loving friends there and they will love you even more). There are so many great places in Vancouver for waffles and if I had to choose one, I would choose Pâtisserie Lebeau as they have a good variety of savoury and sweet.   

5. Biggest food dream?
To travel for food. Top three places right now are to dine at Atelier Crenn in San Fransisco, eat pasta in Rome out of a giant grana padano cheese wheel Anthony Bourdain Cicio e Pepe style, and re-visit New Orleans and finally eat a po’boy. Or two. Likely three knowing me.

Now, come on in and grab a waffle, I'll make some coffee or serve up something refreshing so we can get to know each other.